Machine Learning Model on Docker

  1. We need a dataset and the dataset that we are going to use is “Salary_Data.csv”. Using this dataset we are going to train our Linear regression model to predict the Salary based on the Experience given by the user.
  2. We need libraries like pandas to import the dataset , scikit-learn to import the Linear regression model, joblib to save the model.
  1. First we need to install Docker but here i have already installed the Docker and then launched one container named ML_model as using the image of CentOS: latest.
Run the Docker Container
Docker status
centos:latest image is used to launch the docker container
Transferring the files from windows to Redhat OS
$ docker cp file_name docker_container_name:/
Copying inside the container
Before copying
After copying
install the python3
installing all the libraries



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Atharva Jagtap

Atharva Jagtap

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