date command in linux will display date and time configured in your linux operating system. We can also set the date and time of the system.

date command syntax -

$ date [OPTION]... [+FORMAT] 

To display the current system time and date using the default formatting, invoke the command without any options and arguments -

$ date

The output includes the day of the week, month, date of the month, time, time-zone, and year -

Output:Sat Sep 24 13:55:53 EDT 2021

Date String -

  1. Display FUTURE Dates -

Using -d/- -date Options of date commands

$ date -d/--date="string"

Using -d Option -

Using --date Option -

2. Display PAST Dates -

Date File -

This is used to display the date string present at each line of file in the date and time format.

Syntax -

$ date --file=DATEFILE

Display Last Modified Date -

This is used to display the last modified timestamp of a datefile.

Syntax -

$ date -r DATEFILE

SET Date -

To set the system date and time -s or –set option is used.

Syntax -

$ date --set="Wed Oct 11 15:23:26 PDT 2020"

Date Version Option-

Output version information and exit.

Syntax -

$ date --version

Date HELP Option -

Display the manual of date command.

Syntax -

$ date --help

Date Universal -

Display the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Using -u/- -universal Options.

Syntax -

$ date --universal

List of Format specifiers used with date Command:-

  • %a - Locale’s abbreviated short weekday name (e.g., Mon)
  • %A - Locale’s abbreviated full weekday name (e.g., Monday)
  • %b - Locale’s abbreviated short month name (e.g., Jan)
  • %B - Locale’s abbreviated long month name (e.g., January)
  • %d - Day of month (e.g., 01)
  • %H - Hour (00..23)
  • %I - Hour (01..12)
  • %j - Day of year (001..366)
  • %m - Month (01..12)
  • %M - Minute (00..59)
  • %S - Second (00..60)
  • %u - Day of week (1..7)
  • %Y - Full year (e.g., 2019)

The output of the date command can be formatted with a sequence of format control characters preceded by a + sign. The format controls start with the % symbol and are substituted by their values.

General Syntax -

$date +%[format-option]

Using formatting characters together -

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