Espeak-ng Options Overview

The Espeak-ng is a compact open source software text-to-speech synthesizer for Linux, Windows, Android and other operating systems. It supports more than 126 languages and accents. Espeak-ng not only act as text to speech synthesizer but also we can use Espeak-ng to amplify the sound or decrease the amplification of the sound, inc or dec the pitch, ic or dec the speed of pronunciation ,etc. We will see all of this options of espeak-ng in this articles.

Now Let’s see this options of Espeak-ng…..

  1. espeak-ng <text> -

This will say “hello” in default English voice.

2. espeak-ng -f <text file> -

This will speak the text in the txt file in default English voice.

3. espeak-ng -a <integer> -

It is use to change the Amplitude whose value is between 0 to 200, default is 100.

4. espeak-ng -g <integer> -

It will Pause between words, units of 10ms at the default speed.

5. espeak-ng -k <integer> -

Indicate capital letters with: 1=sound, 2=the word “capitals”, higher values = a pitch increase (try -k20).

6. espeak-ng -p <integer> -

It is used for voice Pitch adjustment, 0 to 99, default is 50.

7. espeak-ng -s <integer> -

It will increase or decrease Speed in words per minute, default is 175.

8. espeak-ng - -voices -

It will give list of all the voices supported by espeak-ng.

9. espeak-ng -v <voice name>

It will speak with a voice name that you type, and by espeak-ng plus you can also decide between male and female voice which with the help of above command.

Female voice
Male voice

There are other options in espeak-ng that I have mentioned you can explore that options. I have mentioned the most used popular once in this article.\

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